Updated July 2018

The Phoenix Hatchling
(Seasons of the Phoenix saga book 2)

Dark/Epic Fantasy

After seven years of abandonment, they’ve passed the brutal tests to become warrior priests. Now, twelve-and-three-fourths year old Acanthus Breese and his Yellow Robed peers are expected to rejoin society.

But Acanthus has more heaped upon his young shoulders than the other trainees. The Teer assigned to guide him through that transition has gone missing. Idris, his elder brother, is reluctant to take him as an apprentice, or even teach him of their rare phoenix heritage. And Rupart, the foreign priest who psychically murdered scores of goddess-followers continues to haunt him, even outside his nightmares.

Worst of all, the desperate actions of his brother soon sends Acanthus down a lonely path where he only has himself to count on.

The Demon Lord of California
(Infinity 8 book 1)

Whimsical Urban Fantasy set in the 1900s

Angels. Demons. A mongrel phoenix. Infinity Corporation. They’re Earth’s only hope.

On Earth, Calico Winghorse considers himself just a simple baker after being chased from his childhood home and threatened with death–by his own grandfather. But how Calico fled that home–via dimensional portal–is the very reason why he’s drawn the attention of Infinity Corporation.

Representing this angelic company is Agustin Chavez de la Cruz, the Demon Lord of California. But is Agustin’s mission to recruit Calico, or merely take control of the portal?