The Work

My style is eclectic and eccentric. My dark fantasy is gritty, outside-the-box unique, and especially not for the faint of heart. My urban fantasy/paranormal work is less gritty and added whimsy, but no less unique. 

I live in the worlds of dark and light fantasy that eagerly explore quests and the grit of living. Nearly all of my characters are LGBTQ+, (queer/gay) but that does not define who they are or the goals they struggle to reach. 

The History

Stories came to me from a very young age. And I loved books. I would often stare at Richard Scarry’s art for hours. Days. And was mesmerized at the infinite mini universes of stories within stories presented. 

​The music I grew up with varied. Mexican. Hawaiian, and big band. Classical and top 50s and 60s. In the mid 80s, I encountered the new age genre: Ray Lynch’s Deep Breakfast.  Stevie Nicks was my all time favorite for her unique fantasy allure and the bohemian romantic settings. 

What’s Inside My Head

I often muse over why centaurs are categorized as non-people or stupid animals, instead of treated like other sentient mythical beings like vampires, werewolves, and demons.

Conspiracy theories are my soap operas. Paranormal realms and ancient astronauts. Is the moon really hollow or a giant space ship. Is Bigfoot from another dimension, or merely a shy, near-extinct descendant of Giganthropithicus Blacki? All this drives the imagination and creativity. And it certainly opens up new realms to play in.