Just sharing a quick blog post about coffee cubes! It’s super easy. All you need is some cooled-down brewed coffee and an ice tray. A few weeks ago during one of the online writing sprints hosted by the authors on Youtube, the subject of coffee cubes came up!

I’ve used ice cube trays to freeze unused portions of tomato sauce and such, but using the trays for leftover coffee was a brilliant idea! I’ve also heard of people freezing leftover stocks and soups that way too. It cuts down on waste, especially if recipes only call for a tablespoon.

When (what you want) is frozen, I pop them out of the trays and stick them in freezer storage containers. I do have a note of caution though. When you’re twisting a frozen plastic ice cube tray to release the contents, it probably will start cracking. I think I need to invest in an ice cube storage container. That way I can just upend the tray without twisting it so much when I release the cubes.

I have seen some fancy ice cube trays in the past that had an attached lever to crack/release the ice. I also see that there’s flexible silicon trays that I might try!

In this first experience with coffee cubes, it seems they melt much slower than regular ice cubes. Coffee cubes can also be added to hot coffee to cool it down without watering it down.

Do you have any new ideas for ice cube trays besides keeping tomato sauce, broth, or coffee in handy measurements? Have you made coffee cubes? Share your experiences and let us know.

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