About ten o’clock this morning, I finished writing and editing The Phoenix Hatchling (TPH) book 2 of the Seasons of the Phoenix saga. TPH is a gritty dark fantasy character/action drama for adults that is also a coming of age. Acanthus Breese will experience several lifetimes as he searches for his missing goddess. He also struggles to learn of and master his phoenix heritage.

This manuscript has been around a while, and has gone through numerous revisions. Some parts have been critiqued and/or beta read. Some chapters are newly written and revised. I can’t wait to send this finished project out for a final beta read.

TPH was January’s book for the 12 Books in 12 Months challenge. To recap, it’s a challenge to write an average of 12 books in a year. You can learn more by checking out my previous blog post here.

For February’s challenge, I wanted to review and revise the already completed and unpublished (TRAMM) Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs. TRAMM just needs some minor tweaks. But TPH took up two months of work.

So TRAMM has tentatively become a floating project. It’s a manuscript to work on if I finish another project early, or get stuck. It remains a February hopeful, because there are still four days left in the month. We’ll see how much I get done on it.

Here is my current work list. Note: It is subject to change. I also apologize over all the “title unrevealeds”. But some titles give away the story or are very unique to me and my branding.

Books to Finish (that are half done or in some sort of advanced progress)

  • Title Unrevealed (Infinity 8 book 2)
  • The Phoenix Hatchling (Seasons of the Phoenix book 2) Finished 2/26
  • Title Unrevealed (Seasons of the Phoenix book 3)
  • Title Unrevealed (Idris & Acer, companion novel to Seasons of the Phoenix
  • Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs (Elemental Rain book 1. Unpublished, needs minimal revision)
  • WKTP (WKTP is a Seasons of the Phoenix universe/companion novel that is a stand alone.)
  • Secret Project Novel (A project so secret, I can’t even talk about it!)

Books to Write

  • Titles Unrevealed (Infinity 8 books 3, 4, 5 & 6)
  • Title Unrevealed (Seasons of the Phoenix book 4)

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