12 Books in 12 Months

Am I sure about this? REALLY, REALLY sure about this?


I have so many manuscripts done or half done, this is the perfect challenge, and the perfect motivation. It would be silly to ignore this opportunity to vampire suck the energies, er, participate in the writerly energies loitering in the ether. Before I get into it, what is this 12 x 12 challenge?

12 Books in 12 months is exactly that–writing one book in about a month, on average. See the rules below. 12 x 12 is headed by Jason Hamilton, and for those who want to join in, check out the Facebook page.

As you’ll find out below, I’m bending the rules for my own purposes. A majority of the books can be considered incomplete first drafts anyway because 1) Many are a few decades old, and 2) I may be starting from scratch anyway, just using the older material as a guide.

I heard about 12 Books in 12 Months through the paranormal romance author S.D. Hegyes. With permission, I’ve mirrored her blog post and added the challenge rules above. Also, check out her You Tube channel post on 12 x 12.

Initially, I wanted to hold off on announcing my participation because I was having a bit of trouble with January’s slot. This was before I familiarized myself with the rules. It’s okay to go over into a new month. Again, the rules go by averages.

What books are in the queue for this year? Check out my list below. They are in no particular order.

Books to Finish (that are half done or in some sort of advanced progress)

  • Title Unrevealed (Infinity 8 book 2)
  • The Phoenix Hatchling (Seasons of the Phoenix book 2)
  • Title Unrevealed (Seasons of the Phoenix book 3)
  • Title Unrevealed (Idris & Acer, companion novel to Seasons of the Phoenix
  • Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs (Elemental Rain book 1. Unpublished, needs minimal revision)
  • WKTP (WKTP is a Seasons of the Phoenix universe/companion novel that is a stand alone.)
  • Secret Project Novel (A project so secret, I can’t even talk about it!)

Books to Write

  • Titles Unrevealed (Infinity 8 books 3, 4, 5 & 6)
  • Title Unrevealed (Seasons of the Phoenix book 4)

I share your frustration over all these ‘title unrevealeds’. I do apologize, but some titles give away the story, or are very unique to me and my branding.

The Seasons of the Phoenix saga (SotPs) is a gritty dark fantasy about Acanthus Breese, a young phoenix (wearing a human form) who journeys through several lifetimes in search of his heritage, and his missing goddess.

Infinity 8 (I8) is an urban fantasy/paranormal series set on Earth, with characters from the Seasons of the Phoenix universe. It’s part whimsy, part grit. It starts off in the San Francisco Bay area, in the 1900s, and later books will be set in modern day.

January was for finishing The Phoenix Hatchling (TPH). Because the brothers Acanthus and Idris were having relationship issues and wouldn’t cooperate with me, I had to skip that important chapter and just finish the book. I only went back to that chapter in late January. When I did, oh boy, they finally started communicating with me. That chapter ended up being over 5k. Of course it will need clean up, but I’m just surprised at how chatty Idris was. TPH is done now and needs a final read before it goes out to betas.

Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs (TRAMM) holds the February slot. I pulled it out of storage because it’s a good choice to provide me some leeway on giving TPH a read through. Because TRAMM just needs some minor adjustments, too. I had unpublished TRAMM several years ago for reasons I won’t go into here. I felt that it was time to get the story back out to readers.

For March, the tentative plan is to finish Infinity 8 book 2. More on that later as well.

On a side note for this intense challenge, it is very important to pace yourself so you don’t burn out. Take frequent breaks, and don’t forget to save your work on a regular basis.

Does anyone else feel up for this challenge? What projects do you have planned, and what’s your preferred way of writing a first draft, or draft zero as I call it. Let me know in the comments below. Good luck, and have fun!

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