A Last Minute Change to The Demon Lord of California

I made a last second name change within The Demon Lord of California manuscript. It was down to the wire. An hour before the final deadline that locked me out of the system for final publishing.

Why did I do this?

This name change had to do with the series’s adversary, which is an offworld empire. AKA the bad guys. The original name was something I made up in my teenage-ish years, even before the concept of Infinity 8 came to mind. That’s like…4 decades ago, at least.

Call me silly and paranoid, but the original name really started bothering me in the last week or so, but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I’d tried to come up with other names, but nothing worked. I wanted to change it. I had to change it. Because it also happened to be a word in another language (It happens). It wasn’t a bad word as far as I could tell, but it had to go.

With no ideas left, I decided I’d have to sacrifice the name of another race of beings I’d created. With an hour to spare, I rushed to ‘find and replace’, check it over, upload, check the final, and hit send.

Once I did, the realization of this new name floored me. It worked. This new name worked so well, I can’t go into detail.

I’m just sorry that ebook ARCs (advance reading copies) weren’t able to be updated. Again, it’s an obscure word, and not an English word. It doesn’t mean anything bad as far as I can research in English, on an English internet. But I still apologize if anyone was upset over it.

Ah, the perks and joys of being an indie author. You can change things in seconds.

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