Infinity 8, or I8 started out as a gritty action fantasy. It’s morphed to soap opera-ish, to whimsical, and back to a combination of all of the above. The idea for it took root sometime in the 80s or 90s. I’m not certain of the actual year.

The original plot concept was about Earthlings kidnapped by an otherworld empire. Humans were surgically enhanced into super soldiers to expand the empire’s reach, and the children of these soldiers were born with various powers. Scattered revolts among the humans started when the empire began stealing their offspring for study, or to fight elsewhere. This core concept holds true, with a bit of tweaking over the decades.

I8 was always a team based on Earth. They coordinated with other resistance groups in the empire’s world, through a portal gateway. I8’s purpose was, and still is, to keep the empire from coming back and harvesting more humans. However, this concept got shoved aside to work on other stories.

Flash forward to oh, around 2010-ish? It could be sooner, or it could be later. Digging through my archives, I found an unfinished and pretty crude group sketch of the original I8 team. So I began to reconstruct their story.

Two characters from this first incarnation were slowly updated over time.  First up, a nameless angel who became Wraith/Rupert. This character was originally a woman. Then Wraith became genderless as the story took shape. That certainly did not go over well with early critiquers (I wasn’t running in the proper writer circles waaay back then.)  Wraith finally settled on becoming male. The second character was Razi. Her ethnicity changed at least three times before she permitted me to write her.

Each time I thought this book was ready for publication, I found myself pulling back and tearing it apart. Every time I thought I found the problem, something was still missing.

That was when Calico Winghorse emerged. Calico is based off one of the first characters I ever created back in the early 1980s, and Calico soon became that character’s son.

Calico was designed to be a villain/antagonist. But I soon found he wasn’t pleased with that role at all. Oh gosh, not pleased at all. He fought me. So I awarded him the title of anti-hero. While I’m still not sure if he accepted that or not, he began to cooperate, in his own… uh… unique way.

But! Problems still cropped up and something was STILL missing. Then Agustin arrived. Soon after that, I realized I had to go back and start this series from the very beginning. And strangely, it suddenly all fell into place and actually worked. And that first book is Infinity 8: The Demon Lord of California, releasing in March of 2019.

Last week, we learned a little bit about Agustin. So next week, it’s Calico’s turn to grace the stage. Be sure to stop by!

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