A unique queer urban fantasy series that spans over 100 years

Infinity 8 (or I8 as I call it) has been through some bumps during its creation. (I’ll get into that in another post.)

The premise of this series centers around angels recruiting vetted paranormal beings, as well as humans with extra abilities to form Infinity Corporation.

This corporation, known as IC, protects Earth, and its human population from an inter-dimensional empire–which just happens to originate from the main character’s home world.

I8 is a story that thinks far outside the box when it comes to life, gender, marriage, sexuality, relationships, raising a family, and yes, even romance. It’s fun and sometimes a bit humorous. Whimsical, and some parts dark and gritty, and some parts heartbreak.

In other words, everything my dark fantasy worlds touch upon, but brought into our reality with a bit of tweaking.

Calico Winghorse originated from my dark fantasy universe, and he has broken out into his own stories here on Earth. He’s many things: a phoenix cloaked inside a human costume. The God of Space and Time. A humble baker. He was raised in a realm and culture where two spouses are the norm.

Agustín Chávez de la Cruz is the Demon Lord of California. Gus doesn’t have time for relationships or even romance. He’s too busy being the corporation’s front man and heir. He unwillingly draws Calico into corporation politics even as he tries to shield him from it.

The series itself will be split into two parts. It begins in 1900’s America. Around the San Francisco Bay Area to be exact. Then, the setting moves to modern day Half Moon Bay. There will be a few familiar faces from the earlier books, but new characters will show up as well.

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