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Morning everyone!

Infinity 8 wings and spiral clock.
Infinity 8 wings and spiral clock.

I’m making some big steps in moving forward for 2018. I’ve created additional subscriber only content for my newsletter. In it you’ll find character bios, theme music, and now, FREE sneak peek chapters.

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Chapters of what you ask? Well, I think I’ll tease some of you and save the bonus for last. First off I’m releasing two chapters of Infinity 8: The Demon Lord of California. It’s a whimsical urban fantasy with romantic undertones. Set in the 1900s San Francisco Bay Area, it stars two characters who quickly became one of my favorite pairings: Calico Winghorse and Agustin Chavez de la Cruz. Infinity 8 has been years in the making. Blog posts detailing the series and characters will be publicly posted shortly. To read more about the story, click here or on the title.

And now for the bonus, which may have some of you breathing into a paper bag. The next story is, drumroll please, three chapters of The Phoenix Hatchling, book 2. The catch is, only one chapter will be released a month. To find out more about my Seasons of the Phoenix saga, check out the The Phoenix Embryo, here.

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