You Tube is a wealth of information for any topic you can think of.

I’ve subscribed to a few YouTubers for a while now, and recently came across another one just this morning that was introduced on Facebook.

Lindybeige is an old favorite.  He’s got over five hundred videos sharing his knowledge of medieval warfare and technology. Side subjects are animated films, dance-related things, and evolutionary psychology.  He knows his stuff and is very entertaining.

The videos that most stood out to me and that I most remember is the proper use of torches. Indoor use. Outdoor use. And alternatives. Forget what you see in all the Hollywood movies and peasant rampages. Fantastic stuff.


And the newest YouTuber in my subscription list is Shadiversity.  Shad’s channel is anything nerd-related. Just by watching, he encourages you to curl up on the couch, or in your computer chair with your coffee, or that end of the day glass of wine and a blanket. Commentary mixed with lots of great insight and information. And he’s entertaining with the type of out-of-the-box thinking that reflects my own writing.

He examines the universe of fantastic creatures, and also the real world matter of historic/medieval. Video games and such also find footing for a well-rounded experience.

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