Murphy’s Law Loves My Writing Career and the Existence of Synchronicity

To start, the definition of Murphy’s Law is, everything that can go wrong, will. Upon further research of the phrase, you can imagine much to my delight (sarcasm) I find another definition: Murphy’s Bitch. From Urban Dictionary, it’s someone who is often a victim of Murphy’s Law. Let me explain.

Murphy seems to be doing everything in its power to sabotage my book release windows. When I first started working to produce and publish Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs, (TRAMM) the horsemeat scandal hit Europe. In the first edition, the main character’s name was Horsemeat.

When The Phoenix Embryo rolled around, the Orson Scott Card movie Ender’s Game came out. (Both being young boys who have to navigate the world of lying, asshole adults.)

Next up was my Infinity 8 saga, and Marvel announces it will be creating the Infinity Wars movies.

And now that I want to target a possible release window for The Phoenix Hatchling, Marvel comes out and announces The Dark Phoenix movie.

After quietly twitching in the corner for a while, I do what any other writer would do. Get sympathy from and complain to my friends. So as I write this blogpost, I decide to do a little more research into this odd phenomenon.

Synchronicity. A concept first introduced by the psychologist Carl Jung. The definition is simultaneously occurring events that appear related, but don’t have any identifying connection. Even more plainly put, it’s a coincidence in time or an arrangement of things that happen at the same time. The concept is not as off the wall as I originally thought. I happily discover that I’m not the only one to experience it.

You can read more about it here on Wikipedia, and here on the Intuition Journal.

Since Murphy and Synchronicity are on a roll, I doubt it will end anytime soon. And that leaves me wondering about the massive stable of decades-old stories I have lined up. What will be the next coincidence to haunt me?

As my friends say, milk it for all it’s worth.

Have you had similar happenings? Share them below!

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