Once again, I’m almost there. Almost at the point where I feel I can move forward and truly get to the business of writing down all these stories crowding inside my head. Because of that, I’m getting flustered. I feel for every step forward I’m making, I’m taking several back.

I met my June 30th deadline. And now the 2nd edition of my dark fantasy centaur novel is in the hands of my writing partners. So for a good portion of July, I’m taking a break from the edits to recharge.

This is a good time to re-outline the plots for my urban fantasy series. While I have talked about Infinity 8, and my crabby demon wizard Calico Winghorse in the past, I’m going to keep a lid on plot and other details for just a while longer.

But! in focusing on a different project, different subgenre,  I’m reminded of the two phoenix novels that are already written–have been written for a while. Both are in first drafts and need a lot of work. Yes, I feel guilty for the digital dust settling among the little pixel pages.

However, by writing two dark fantasy dramas in a row, I need to spend some time with lighter content before I burn out. There’s a huge difference between reading dark fantasy back-to-back and hauling out virtual construction equipment and diving to the deep end with it all strapped to your back. Especially since these particular dark fantasy works are still searching for an audience.  So here’s to the end of the month when I get back to work!


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