Hammering Out a Second Edition part 12

I met my June 30th goal yesterday afternoon.

The plot is tweaked and streamlined. The characters have the characterization that was intended in the original draft, but I yanked it out to conform to traditional expectations. Background stories that flesh out Konstantine and Tobias have been returned, and I’m very excited to reveal them.

So the plans moving forward are to pick this back up in a week. Comb through my critiques and make any necessary changes. I’m giving myself until the end of July, and possibly August for that and then I plan on two read-throughs. Then to my editor in October. And in November, the cover and formatting.

This thing is nearly done and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be finally moving on. Finally pulling myself out of the self-doubt and stagnation of past stress and disappointment. And I’ll say again and again. Finding other writers who you connect with is the key to continuing your craft. People who enjoy your work and respect you. Don’t stop looking, because they are out there.

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