Hammering Out a Second Edition part 11

Encountered a huge snag. Took me three days to unravel it. I had to rewind at least a dozen pages back to streamline the plot. Because I decided to merge two chapters together to cut down on the word vomit and dragging scenes. And in merging those two chapters, I dug out a very old scene back when I first started writing TRAMM. Revised it, and used it to bind the two merging chapters together.

Then, in the middle of doing that, my main character Pony, the little butthead, decided to throw me for a loop. So I had to deal with that as well. Thankfully, that particular bit of spoilers is best served in book two or three.

I lost a bit of time doing this, but I know it will work better in the long run.

So. There are six days and 96 pages left to iron out in this first editing round. And calculating the difference from my last post, I only hammered out about 28 pages of really deep edits. But that doesn’t include the nearly 5K I pulled out from the combined two chapters.

And it was either late last evening or this morning that I recalled the original ending, one that did not make it into the first edition. It wraps things up much nicer than the published version, and leads into book 2. Now if only I can find the file. If not, I may have to rewrite it from memory.

Getting back to it!

Note to my writer-crew: If you don’t hear from me by the 30th, send out the guys in kilts to search. Or just start gossiping about Calico. My internal radar will be sure to pick that up. 🙂

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