Hammering Out a Second Edition part 10

Chapter 33 is a most excellent place to pause in my edits, given my obsession with threes. (Calico, my well-mannered demon wizard who-can’t-let-go-of-the-Victorian-era is still sitting over there in the corner, pouting, wondering when I’ll finally get back to his urban fantasy.)

My goal is to finish this first revision round of Pony’s Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs by the end of June. With 124 pages and 14 days left, I’m nearly there. Then what I’m going to do is run through all my feedback, and make any necessary changes. After that, a read through for flow and clarity. I’m aiming toward a goal of one month for each rework. So by the end of August. And then to my editor the first of October.

As noted in the part 9 blog post, I feel I’m still having issues with Konstantine’s character. He’s still too mentally put-together, and I’m having a difficult time unraveling him to make him more disjointed and chaotic. I may have to go back after that read through to adjust his characterization.

That’s the danger for any writer–not trusting in their characters to know when not to mess with them. It’s really a fine line, and the writer must have the experience and belief in their own work to see that.

So onward!



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