Author Interview: Jeanne Marcella

This week I sat down with wordsmith Sarah Kay Moll to chat about my writing. Hi Sarah!

Sarah Kay Moll

Jeanne MarcellaWelcome to the third in a series of author interviews! Today I’m talking with fantasy author Jeanne Marcella about inspiration, self-publishing, and what it’s like to write outside the norm. I’m thrilled to talk to the wonderful author of The Phoenix Embryo about her creative process and experience.

Sarah: You’ve described your work as transgressive dark fantasy. Can you tell me a little about why you chose to call it ‘transgressive’ and what that label means?

Jeanne: “Transgressive” was a genre label I encountered on an online critique site a few years back. When I looked it up, it seemed to fit with how mainstream readers were describing my work. So I went with it. While I never personally thought of my work as transgressive, both my books did anger and disgust a lot of people. I did get some mocking, but that’s the risk an author takes.

I had wanted to…

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