Hammering Out a Second Edition part 9

Chapter 5 is now posted.

Hammer & NailsHello again! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted an update. Be it from dragging my heels, really getting to work on this manuscript, and, since yesterday, deciding to go without coffee for a week (Oh boy, I’m already twitching, am-I-going-to-get-through-this-without-a-dramatic-episode? Oh good god, woman, what’s a writer without coffee? When am I going to start hallucinating? See? I’m already having fits.)

There’s a few things to go over, so let’s get started from where I last left off.

I’ve been focusing a little more on Pony and Mardyth’s relationship, and I have my critique partners in emotional knots. That’s good! Focusing more on the romantic aspect of the story has really paid off, and brought the added depth to the characters that I originally strove for.

But now we get to the heart of the novel, and where the secondary plot begins to sizzle. Mardyth and Konstantine finally meet, and it’s not an invite to tea and cake. The scene is chaotic, busy, and there are a lot of people milling around getting in their space, interfering while Kon tries to maintain order. Tempers flare and some are carried away by emotion. Because of that, I had to split it into two chapters in order to slow it down.

Another thing I’ve noticed is, is I wish I’d never messed with Kon’s characterization. I think I had a good portrayal of him and how disjointed he was, but I allowed past feedback to even him out when he shouldn’t have been. Now he’s too put together, which should not be happening. Another thing to fix.

Then a terrible setback happened. I came to a scene that wasn’t there. In looking for it, I realized I was working with a much older draft, and not the previously published first edition. I’m not certain how that error happened, but I’m glad I discovered halfway in and not at all. So, with hard work, I’m back up to date.

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