Hammering Out a Second Edition part 3

This week is a short blog as a bad cold delayed a great deal of progress, and cancelled last week’s post. It was a task to even see the computer screen at times, and I was more fixated on wrestling with technical issues for the 2nd edition of The Phoenix Embryo.

Because of that, I have a surprise. You can read the first chapter of Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs here. I will be posting the polished, but unedited drafts as they are ready.

Sidenote: It’s been very interesting rereading The Phoenix Embryo on my Kindle. I could easily see the style and voice of the story. I wish I had discovered this much sooner! (I suppose it helps to finally get a Kindle that works and stays charged.) So when you’re proofing your final manuscript, consider using a different device from the regular one you write and edit on. For example, if the majority of your work was created on the desktop, switch to your laptop, or upload the manuscript to your Kindle. The change works wonders, allowing you to see every run on paragraph and other troubles. If you’d rather not do that, changing up the font face, and the font size for a final read-through also allows you to see the manuscript in a new light.

And an update. It’s official. The second edition of Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs goes to professional edit in October, and formatting in November.

As a ‘coming full circle’ thing, I may release TRAMM on my birthday, as I once released the first edition of The Phoenix Embryo late in November of 2013.

All right. Getting back on track. I’ve tackled chapters 3 and 4. So far, all I am doing is tightening prose, and adding sprinkles of character depth. In these chapters, I actually have the two lead protagonists interacting with each other now, instead of reacting. I didn’t realize how fun and interesting these characters could be once I stopped trying to force them into a generic mainstream fantasy.

While early crits with the revised characterization are positive, and mention the easy chemistry, there is still a little bit of work to be done on them.

With chapter 5 coming up I will have to take a step back and eyeball how well this first grouping fairs in the edits. Going to dig deeper this week and see what I can really tear apart.

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