GLBTQ dark fantasy drama. Phoenix gods in human form. Warrior priests. Life vs Death. Caged within layers of a false society. Acanthus Breese must also come to terms with his unique heritage before his predecessor’s flame burns its last.

Book 1:
Revised 2nd edition with maps and extended content. Think Lord of the Flies on Mr. Spock’s planet Vulcan. Then turn the volume past maximum. Ebook now available at Amazon,  Apple/ibooks, B&N Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords. Sale price of .99 cents through the end of February 2015. Print copy coming soon.

Twelve-and-a-half-year-old Acanthus Breese and his yellow-robed peers have survived without an adult presence for seven years. They’ve scavenged. Endured madness, starvation, and murder after the adults imprisoned and abandoned them without a backward glance. They’ve clawed their way to civilization and questionable sanity at the guidance of one of their own.

Thirteen-year-old Edward Dasheel is a direct descendant of the goddess Staritti and the red phoenix god, Dasheel. Because of Edward’s love and leadership, Acanthus and the other boys know that despite their regretful crime of harming Staritti and driving her away, hope for redemption remains.

Acanthus knows Edward better than anyone; he knows Edward hides dark secrets about their exile, the adults, and specifically about him. So it is terrifying when suddenly the adults return, pushing themselves back into their lives. What do they want after all these years? And why?




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