Hammering Out a Second Edition part 2

[This week’s blog post may contain heavy spoilers into the novel. You’ve been notified.]

Minor setbacks.

Ugh. Digging in. Don’t want to. This thing is already written. Don’t be a wuss. Just fix it.

That’s easier said than done.

Word processor’s cursor is flashing, mocking.

The last few weeks from when I originally published the first two posts of this series haven’t been kind. And it hasn’t been easy juggling this while scrambling around trying to relaunch The Phoenix Embryo–when nearly every move with TPE has been two steps back.

And currently, chapters two and three of Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs (TRAMM) remain either out of reach or I’m too keyed up to focus.

While I have a solid idea of Pony’s dark sense of humor, I’m still asking myself which direction do I want this story’s genre to head? I was asking myself that same question years ago when I first wrote it. Do I mold it into a dark fantasy action drama, or do I focus more on the relationship, and make the quest more of a side plot?

When I was retooling chapter one, I messed around with it for two and a half days. Adding character detail, and switching paragraphs around. In doing that, I lost much of Pony’s uniqueness. So I kept working at it until I felt her personality had returned.

I think what I need to do is just let Pony guide me into her story. I am after all, an indie author, and TPE has already thumbed its nose at the acceptable top 10 mainstream genre. There’s also being true to myself, and my writing–and that’s not easy surrounded by fantasy traditionalists. (Still searching for my niche!)

Plot Hole:

So I’m finally buckling down and examining chapter 2. Here is a very subtle plot hole that was pointed out to me a few years back. The walk-on background characters realize Pony is a half-breed, due to rumors among the general courier gossip/network.

Yet do they know she is a centaur half-breed, or just a half-breed? Several of those walk-on background characters know exactly who she works for and where, through that general gossip. So if someone was really eager to find her, it would not be that much of a problem to do so.

Throughout the novel, it is known by all the characters Pony hangs out with that she’s half-centaur. And heck, even her name and the vile nickname her co-workers sometimes call her makes it obvious.

These questions seriously upset the flow of the main plot. I will have to make note of this and return to it when I think I can either explain it, or right it somehow. It could be that it is the main plot that gets tweaked.

At this point I get up and pace a bit.

I think it over during lunch.

Then I realize. This works. Everything I do is wrapped heavily in layers, and I need to trust myself before I do any drastic changes.

Was Never A Plot Hole: First off, the bad guys have known about Pony for decades but they are sticking to the shadows for reasons not yet revealed to the reader.

It’s the good guys who didn’t have a clue until recently. Because they chose decades ago to turn their backs on the rest of the world out of self-preservation.

So, going back to the above question of did the walk-on characters know she was half centaur? Probably not. Maybe some did. But it doesn’t matter. It will be kept in note though.

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