Hammering Out a Second Edition part 1

[Note: This is the last post from my old blog migration. It was originally posted January 19, 2015 elsewhere. New posts will now appear. However, I might revive my Author vs Character bitstrips, just because I’m still trying to figure out who is crazier. Me or them. End Note.]

Some weeks ago, I began work on the second edition of my first dark fantasy novel, Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs. If you missed my introductory post about this, click here.

So. Starting from scratch, my first action was to convert the .mobi file back into a workable Word document. (A .mobi file is an ebook format, and I’d already completed this step a while ago during a pre-prep.)

Converting from .mobi to Word in itself was a bit of a task. I’m sure there has to be an easier way somewhere, but I stuck with Adobe Acrobat to do the job. Acrobat has different package pricing (per month) that allows you to do this. Download the free trial of Acrobat, and check it out for yourself. Or there are free programs over the ‘Net that will do this, but picking up viruses or malware is always a concern when dealing with unrecognized sources.

My next step was to break down each chapter into its own Word document file, and save all fifty-three files (the chapters) into a folder. This is so I can digest and edit them in smaller chunks.

The game plan of the hour was to create an outline through Scrivener using the corkboard. And I’ve done that for the first five chapters. I had planned to start off with a complete outline, but realized that could overwhelm and distract me if I want to work with a fresh storyline, and a new perspective. And with such a detailed story, and an even more vibrant main character, it’s better to take one segment at a time.

Working with a female main character–any female character isn’t my strongest suit. But I’ve had a few friends read the first revised chapter. And while a few tweaks have to be made again, they’ve given it a thumbs up. And are asking for more. Huzzah! Now let’s see if I can do that with the rest of the chapters.

Have you retooled older works for newer editions? Did you discover an easier process? If so, share it with us below!

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