Hello! I’m Jeann(i)e Marcella, an indie author. I’m migrating my social media HQ at the worst possible times: during the mid-stride of relaunching a second edition, and learning an all-new and much better blogging platform.

But there’s something much more important than that. Friendships and writerly connections.

Be you traditionally published, or an indie, your critique partners and beta readers are the ones who see you at your best, and your worst. You know, like those times when you come stumbling into ‘Chat’ still half-asleep and without coffee, or pissy that you got a less than flattering review. They are the ones who pick you back up when you fall, or call you out when you’re full of compost self-doubt. Especially when there are worlds to create and plots to twist.

Writing is a lifetime journey. You know you have something special when characters leap off the page with minds of their own. When they fight you at each turn to become their own person, and have their own lives. That’s when it’s magical.

Like when said characters pull into the rest stop during your long car trip together. Then those same characters drive off the second they see you head back to the vehicle. Your literary children then point and laugh at you. Floor it and ditch you. And when you hobble into the only restaurant open at 2am, minus one shoe and covered in their tire tracks, it’s like your beloved darlings have no idea how you got into that state. And even then, when you emerge from the restroom all cleaned up, you find they’re gone. They’ve left you with the bill. But your wallet’s in the backseat.

Many of my characters provide that type of a challenge.

And after all that chaos and flying keystrokes, when your writer group finally awards your manuscript a thumbs up, it’s like you’re on top of the world. So it’s important to take the time and find people you’re compatible with. Even if it takes years, like it did for me. Even if your genres don’t quite match.

Critiquing and reviewing other genres, or ones similar to your own can keep you sharp. And you just might learn something new. So I’m dedicating my first blog post to my most awesome writing circle. Amelia Bishop,  Hector Kopczynski,  M. Mercury, Sarah Kay Moll, Tasha O’Connor, and Kate Whitaker.

Thanks for being there, and I’ll do my best to do the same.

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