sparklephoenix1Centaur activist  * Ambassador to phoenix gods * Personal assistant to one crabby demon wizard who can’t let go of the Victorian era. 


That is just a minuscule list of what goes on inside the mind of this indie fantasy author.

Welcome to my chaotically charming corner office on the Internet.  It features wall-spanning windows into the deepest, darkest, and oftentimes confusing recesses of my imagination.  

In various blog posts, you just might hear me rambling on about Jigsaw Puzzle, a crazy, long-eared, invisible black and white piebald squirrel, or Calico Winghorse, the demon wizard obsessed with proper morals who I mentioned above.

Both characters drive me completely batty and usually run my writing life. I just might have to cut them into a partnership deal because they’re around so much. So put on your industrial strength crash helmet, buckle your seat belt, and hang onto your butt.